Zilch is getting even better with 5% cashback offered through its reward points on all Zilch merchants from 12 January 2023. I thought 2% was generous, since the American Express Platinum Cashback Card offered 5% cashback incentive for the first three months, but then reduced to just half a percent, so 5% will be fantastic. It beats the Chase debit card, which only offers 1% cashback on purchases.

Now the only downside to this recent Zilch update is that when you use Zilch Anywhere, pay it all now, instead of the usual 2% cashback, it will offer only half a percent. However, since most of the online and in-store sites I already use are listed as Zilch merchants, it shouldn’t really matter. I use Zilch almost every day and I think it’s fabulous. I never use the pay it in 4 feature, always pay it all now to earn the cashback in Zilch rewards.

Earn an Easy 5% Cashback in Reward Points

So what you are waiting for. Sign up for Zilch here, follow the easy instructions, and download the Zilch app onto your phone (or you can use through the laptop instead) and every time you go shopping online or in-store, check if they are listed as a Zilch merchants, and from 12 January 2023, you will earn a fab 5% cashback in reward points.

Since I first discovered Zilch earlier this year I have earned over £100 in reward points, which I’ve used to purchase clothes in New Look, and beauty supplies through Beauty Pie. It took me a while to discover the Zilch Anywhere, as I thought I was going to get charged £2.50 a time, but that’s only if you opt to pay it in four, so it’s been fantastic earning 2% cashback on petrol with Zilch anywhere, but just a shame that that 2% on Zilch Anywhere will be reduced to half a percent from 12 January 2023.

While Zilch has lowered its friend referral from £15 to £10 and now £5, earning 5% cashback in Zilch reward points will certainly add up for me and once you get used to using Zilch, it’s super easy to use it everywhere. It was so so handy when I unknowingly forgot my purse several days ago when I went shopping for toilet rolls and prawns at Farmfoods, but I was planning to use Zilch Anywhere anyway, so I earned myself over 100 reward points. Since the reward points will be so small for Zilch Anywhere pay it all now, I may just opt to pay cash in those stores, so I guess these reward  cards don’t always offer the incentives to pay for everything on card.

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