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Are you still wondering about supermarkets face masks and if they are still required? There has been so much fear-pushing this past three years. If you still have some critical thought left then you will realise that the mandatory face masks in shops and supermarkets, and the NHS, have all been virtual signalling unscientific nonsense. You have been taking part in a new normal that these filthy rich psychopathic globalists require.

For those who us who chose to go bare faced for this entire three years, at the risk of persecution from staff and customers, was it worth it? YES. It is braver to be a minority than to go along with the crowd. I used to watch all those in a mask wondering if they really believed that their mask was doing anything, or did they just want to play along to get along?

Well I’m a very sensitive woman and during the times that I faced abuse from GPs and other human beings, it was upsetting, but I wouldn’t give in to the nonsense. Besides one customer who challenged me for not wearing a mask in a small Sainsbury’s in Woodhall Spa, I’ve not really experienced much trouble in the supermarkets, so I didn’t worry about supermarkets face masks.

If you played along and wore a mask just to avoid persecution from staff and others, just know that this mask nonsense virtual signalling is never going to go away. It’s attacked the NHS from the inside and doubt they will ever return to normal. The masks and bizarre behaviour is awful to watch. It’s been screwed into their mindset that they are ‘saving lives’ or ‘protecting others’ and it’s nonsense.

Are Supermarkets Face Masks Still Required?

The stupid posters may still be up in supermarkets encouraging face masks to be worn, but they are no longer mandatory. You never had to wear a mask to do your shopping. There were Government exemptions available always, which most stores didn’t even know about. Maybe you didn’t even know about them. The official Government rules were that you didn’t even have to show a face mask exemption card, but most supermarkets or GP surgeries went above and beyond their duty of care in asking you to prove your exemption.

Sorry to get off the subject of supermarkets face masks, but I doubt even GP surgeries knew about exemptions. I faced horrific persecution from a nurse in a GP surgery when attending for a routine smear test. She was so ill minded, so controlling, and it’s so unprofessional and discriminatory toward those of us who suffer with anxiety. Avoid Wellfield Health Centre.

Most people have taken off their masks and are no longer playing along with the bizarre rituals that have taken place this past three years, especially when it comes to the supermarkets face masks. It’s a better and healthier smiling environment, but there are still some ardent mask wearers who just won’t remove them. They are just wasting their money, suppressing their immune system, and will probably line up to receive the jabs whenever the next booster comes to light. Frankly, I don’t know what will help them to awaken from their fear-based mindset. If they are watching the one-sided narrative of the mainstream media every night, they may never escape from that fear-based mindset that is designed to suppress them and make them reliant on pharmaceuticals for life, not help them.

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You can also use Zilch to earn 2% when you pay for your gas and electricity, whether it’s through EDF Energy, Scottish Power, EON, or British Gas. Ditch the direct debit and pay on your Zilch card instead and earn 2% cashback in Zilch reward points. For example, the next time I pay toward Octopus Energy, usually £125 per month, I will earn £2.50 in Zilch reward points. If you spend £150 per week at Tesco Online or any other supermarket online and pay with Zilch, then you will earn £3.o0 in Zilch reward points. This totals £12 in a month, all free money.

Yes, Zilch does take some getting used to. Find out more here. To pay in store through Zilch at a supermarket, you will require a smart phone with NFC payments where you can pay through Google Wallet, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Your Zilch virtual card will be linked to your usual debit card, so when you tap and pay with Zilch through your phone, the money will come straight off your debit card. Download the Zilch app and you can clock all of Zilch reward points, which will soon start to add up.

Just make sure you set your Zilch settings to ‘pay it all now’ rather than the buy now pay later ‘pay it in four’, especially on Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

On the few occasions that Zilch has taken my payments via ‘pay it in four’, it’s very annoying that I missed out on my Zilch reward points, but those payment instalments can be paid immediately.

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