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Very short post.

How embarrassing to be promoting a global website like Zilch, and sharing my Zilch referral  link for you to earn Zilch referral reward points, which used to be a generous £15, only to be reduced to £10 months later, and now a measly £5. How can a company be so disloyal to its customers? The whole point of a friend referral scheme is to BENEFIT your customers who are bringing YOU NEW SALES.

Let me guess, by Christmas 2022, Zilch Reward points will only be £2.50, then £1, and then perhaps £0.50. Give me a break. Check out my latest post on loyal friend referral schemes which pay generously.

It wouldn’t surprise me (in time) if they reduce their 2% cashback to 1%, to match with Chase Bank, but I’m not hoping for that as I still shop with Zilch very frequently, but it’s their disloyalty to their customers who share their Zilch referral reward points link that riles me. £15 to £5 is a £10 loss EVERY TIME. It is significant, Zilch! People need monetary help now more than ever.

Yes, we have to buy through the Zilch reward points, but it’s super easy to do when you enable rewards in your settings before you visit the online store or buy in-store.

The only downside is that the Zilch reward points are non-refundable, so choose wisely where you will spend them. Remember, you can spend your reward points at supermarkets like Morrisons and Iceland, and all round discounted stores like Home Bargains and TK Maxx.


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