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So you want to know just how does Beauty Pie work? Is the monthly subscription worthwhile, or should you buy the products full price?

You will find that Beauty Pie features in all of the beauty magazines, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and others. The lipsticks are just lovely. I believe it’s better than Chanel. Read my review here.

The website is very easy to navigate. You can view the products at full price, but there will also be an option to view the products at a membership price, with subscriptions starting from just £5 per month.

How Does Beauty Pie Work?

The amount of the subscription you need will depend on how many products you want to buy, so if you wanted to buy two lipsticks then a £5 subscription per month will suffice, and you can increase your membership at any time. Often, Beauty Pie will increase your subscription to double, so you might get to spend £100 on products. Just remember that the full price of the products will be deducted off your monthly subscription, so if two lipsticks are £25 each then you will use up your £50 allowance, while only paying the discounted lipstick price. It’s genius!

What are you waiting for? Now that you know exactly how does Beauty Pie work, then you can also sign up to Zilch an earn yourself £10 (1000 reward points), which you can spend at Beauty Pie. Sign up to Zilch here. Once you are past verification, simply find the ‘Beauty Pie’ merchant, enable your card (or the purchase through your virtual Zilch Mastercard will not go through) and don’t forget to enable your points, which will deduct your 1000 reward points, worth £10. You might even be lucky and find a free membership deal, so you just pay for the products that you buy.

What is the Minimum Term for Subscriptions?

A minimum three months, unless you sign up through PayPal where you can actually cancel the subscription through your PayPal account, otherwise it’s a minimum three month subscription that Beauty Pie requests from its customers.

Is Beauty Pie a Zilch Merchant?

Yes it is, while means that when you opt to ‘pay it all now’ you will earn 2% in Zilch reward points on every purchase.

We want to save you money, so please browse our ‘save money‘ page where you might just find a Beauty Pie discount code or offer.


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