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I’ve been promoting Zilch through its friend referral scheme for over six months on Zilch UK and Zilch Card. It used to offer £15 for a friend referral. It then reduced it to £10, and now it only offers £5. I’m very shocked at how scrooge-like Zilch has become, especially since they will be raking in thousands in affiliate marketing for every successful sale. I’m sorry to those at Zilch UK and Zilch Card, who have been messed around by this strange ungrateful company called Zilch. Reminds me of my days earning 1p a word when writing articles.

If you STILL want to sign up to Zilch, you will earn 500 in Zilch reward points, and also earn me 500 Zilch reward points too.

So which are some other friend referral scheme programmes that do not play around with their rewards every other month?

Here are some others that I am signed up with.

If you click through to these merchants, you will receive a reward for signing up, and you will also earn me a reward. It’s a win-win for both parties! Woohoo!!

I’ll add to this list as and when I find additional loyal friend referral schemes that do not play around like Zilch has, so please feel free to share your own friend referral codes in the comments section.

Beauty Pie Friend Referral Scheme

I just love Beauty Pie, not only for their wonderful lip sticks and glosses, but their fragrances are also unique and fresh. Use this friend referral link to save yourself £10 off your order, and I’ll receive a reward too. Thank you!

There may be more money saving discount codes for Beauty Pie at this link.

The Modern Milkman

This company is great. My first experience wasn’t that great, as the delivered to my next door neighbour, who actually stole the lot, but I got an instant refund from The Modern Milkman. My hubby and I eat a lot of butter, so we get three blocks of it a week through Modern Milkman. As long as your order is over £6, you won’t get charged extra for delivery, as the £0.25 delivery fee under £6 can be a little off putting. You can pause your orders at any time, if you are due to go on holiday etc, and you can control it all through the easy-to-use app.

If you want to earn yourself £10 off your first order, then click on this friend referral link and save yourself £10 off your Modern Milkman order, and I too will receive a £10 promo code to spend on one-off orders. You too can then get your own referral code and earn £10 for each successful sign up. It’s fabulous.

Affordable Mobiles

Simply sign up through the Affordable Mobiles awesome friend referral scheme to save £20 off at Affordable Mobiles and you will also earn yourself £20 in straight cash every time you promote your link. they pay out quick too, and you can transfer it into your PayPal account. Save £20 now.

What are your successful (or non-successful) experiences with friend referral schemes? Please comment, if you wish to.

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