trainline share price

The Trainline share price, on 12 November 2022, is £3.41. It has gained by £0.09 in the last thirty days, according to Freetrade, where they make it so easy to invest in shares, which you can sell at any time. Check out this link to earn £10 in free shares.

Trainline is one of the most popular websites where you can find the cheapest train tickets to get to your chosen destination. What is even better is that Trainline is also linked to Zilch. Sign up here.

How to Earn £10 in Reward Points

  1. Whether you want to search for the latest Trainline share price, which you can purchase easily through Freetrade. Or, perhaps you want to find cheap train tickets and earn £10 toward your purchase, while also netting yourself 2% cashback when you opt to pay it all now. It’s super easy with Zilch. Sign up here.
  2. Once you have passed the verification, you will receive 1000 reward points, which is equivalent to £10. You can immediately use this toward your trainline purchase, or any of the thousands of other merchants listed with Zilch, including Boots, TK Maxx, or even supermarkets like Tesco and Morrisons.
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For example, I used my Zilch card yesterday to buy petrol at Tesco and I earned £0.82 in reward points. It doesn’t sound much, but another purchase of £180 at Amazon earned me £3.60 in reward points, so I think it’s awesome and where else can you earn 2% cashback every time you shop. It tops the Amex, which only gives you 0.5% cashback, and it tops the Chase cashback card, which provides only 1% cashback.

Use Freetrade to Discover the Latest Trainline Share Price

Freetrade can be downloaded onto your phone via Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s super easy. Sign up to this link, invest in £50 worth of Trainline shares, or search the latest portfolios for investments, and receive £10 in a free share. Sell at any time. You don’t need hundreds or thousands to invest in shares, and Trainline share price is currently at £3.41 if you want to invest in this £1.64B market cap.

Is Trainline Listed with Zilch?

Yes. Earn 2% cashback when you opt to pay it all now.