Adidas is always setting trends, whether in its footwear, running apparel, or Adidas tracksuit tops and trousers. I had a bit of bad luck with one of the last pairs of trainers I bought, as they were too small when they arrived, but it was better to visit a high street shop like Sports Direct (also listed with Zilch) where I could try the trainers on, as I am wide footed. This is the also the reason why we NEED high street shops because buying things online requires faith that the item we choose is going to fit.

Check out this Funky Adidas Tracksuit Top

funky adidas tracksuit top

How would you like to save £10 off your favourite tracksuit top and trousers, or buy separately? It’s super easy when you sign up to Zilch.

You’ll be asked to go through the usual rigmarole of adding your ID as verification, which is usually quick.

You’ll then be asked to put in your debit card details, which deducts the money directly from your account, while you provide the Zilch virtual card details with your online purchase. Places like Amazon and eBay usually store these card details, as can Google, but it might just ask for your three digits to verify your purchase.

Alternatively, use your tap and pay on your phone through the Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to pay in an Adidas store and earn 2% cashback.

Once you’re live with Zilch, you’ll have 1000 Zilch reward points, which you can spend at any one of the thousands of Zilch merchants, of which Adidas is listed.

All you have to do to use your Zilch reward points is to choose your merchant in the Zilch app. Choose Adidas, which will take you to the Adidas online store. You’ll then be given the option to pay it in four, which is a buy now pay later option, or you can pay it all now, and also earn yourself 2 percent cashback.

If you are in the Adidas high street store, in order to use your 1000 Zilch reward points, simply head to the Zilch app, choose Adidas, pay it all now, and click next to the ‘use reward points’. Then turn your NFC tap and pay on, head to your Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay and use your phone to make the contactless payment. Your £10 will be deducted from your points anD the remainder will be paid from the debit card that you added to your Zilch account, plus you’ll get your 2 percent cashback in Zilch reward points instantly.

I’ve never used the pay it in four option, always the pay it all now. Once you’ve chosen pay it all now for Adidas, you will then be given the option to use your points. Click next to this and when you make your purchase, your 1000 points worth £10 will be deduced from your order.

The virtual Zilch card is so easy to use, and once you get the hang of using it in store through the tap and pay, it’s super easy to earn 2 percent cashback everywhere you shop, and those points soon add up. Plus, you will also get your own Zilch referral code to share with friends and family to earn you free points, which you can spend wherever you want.

Is Adidas Listed with Zilch?


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