carrot fly damage

Do you want to prevent carrot fly and carrot fly damage, but you have tried the usual methods and find that they do not work? Well, I would love to share with you my experience using Microbz Plant Boost.

I have a large allotment that is close by to a river. Another plot holder warned me against growing carrots as hers became rotten with carrot fly and their carrot fly damage.

I know that the products by Microbz are amazing and I found this company years ago as have been buying their kitchen products and BioLive products ever since, and have only just discovered their gardening products.

Check out these carrots. I am very proud.

Absolutely No Carrot Fly Damage

carrot fly damage I only planted them about 12 weeks ago, together with my beetroots, but I am amazed that there is zero root damage, and I’ve not even been consistent with using the Microbz Plant Boost. I try to use it at least once a week, but it’s more like every two weeks. I add 200ml to 10 litres of water, so it is wise to buy the five litre bottles. It contains garlic, neem, cayenne, and other key ingredients to put off the common pests that would usually eat and harm your fruits and vegetables.

Do not be put off by carrot fly and carrot fly damage, as they can also eat celery, parsnip, and other vegetables, but invest in Microbz Plant Boost. Your fruits and vegetables will thank you.

I have watched many videos on carrot fly and its damage, without many solutions given, just to plant them next to garlic, leek, or onions, but some people will still experience carrot fly damage. Please invest £25 in Microbz Plant Boost. Use it once a week or more. Buy a 2 litre spray bottle and spray around the leaves of the carrots and all of your other fruits and vegetables and this magical liquid will protect your plants from pests. When I saw my carrots heads popping out of the soil, I pulled and saw healthy small carrots. I made corned beef hash and I plan to plant more carrot seeds very soon using the same method as before, only I will be far more neater and in line with my seed planting.

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