avon gingerbread hand wash

When I visited my family in law and tried their Avon gingerbread hand wash, I fell in love and had to discover how to buy a large 5L bottle because the scent is just lovely. Faith in Nature hand washes are also nice, but they can cost over £25 for 5L bottle size. Faith in Nature products have become too expensive, for my liking.

Avon Gingerbread Hand Wash is Part of the Gingerbread Collection

Check out the Avon gingerbread collection, as they also produce a body wash too, and scented spray, and the costs are not expensive.

So even though the Avon gingerbread hand wash is only available in 250ml bottles, you would have to buy 20 bottles to have 5L, and at a cost of £18, the price is not bad at all. I normally buy Bio D hand wash in 5L bottles, which are also affordable, and I fill up my refillable 800ml hand wash dispenser.

I’m a huge fan of gingerbread scented candles, which are available by Wickford & Co at Home Bargains, but this Avon hand wash is just lovely, and if you want to take advantage of a bottle of gingerbread handwash by Avon at 22 percent off, then you should also invest in 20 bottles of 250ml bottles. When you need to refill your hand wash dispenser, it might just take 5 or 10 minutes to refill it.

Is Avon a Zilch Member?

Yes, and if you buy from Avon online and not from an Avon rep, you can earn yourself 2 percent in Zilch reward points. Plus, it’s free delivery if you spend £25 or more. You may want to be loyal to your local Avon rep, but receiving your order can take time. I remember having to wait weeks for my make up orders back in the early days when it was exciting to order from Avon as a teenager.


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